Redneck Zombies (1987)

USA, 1987
83m (USA – R-rated version), 90m (USA unrated version)
35mm film, Entrail-Vision, colour
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Pericles Lewnes.

Plot Summary

A barrel of radioactive waste goes missing and turns up in the hands of a group of ignorant rednecks who incorporate it in their moonshine still. The resulting booze turns anyone who drinks it into flesh-eating zombies who turn on a group of holidaymakers from the big city.


Directed by: Pericles Lewnes
Full Moon Pictures presents
© 1987 Full Moon Pictures, ColorCast Productions, Inc.
Executive Producer: Edward Bishop
Producers: Edward Bishop, George Scott, Pericles Lewnes
Associate Producer: William E. Benson
Screenplay by: Fester Smellman
Based on a Story by: Zoofeet, P. Floyd Piranha
Director of Videography: Ken Davis
Edited by: Edward Bishop
Original Sound Track Composed and Performed by: Adrian Bond
Location Sound Recording: D.J. Sound, Jeffrey McKinstry, Samuel W. Johnson, George Scott, Bill Decker, James H. Houseley Jr
Special Makeup Effects, Models & Prosthetics: Edward Bishop, Pericles Lewnes, George Scott
Theresa’s Death and Original Zombie Makeup Design: Mike Jeffries, Larry Luers
Special Visual Effects: Ken Davis, Peter Kief, Dave Milliken, Tim Starnes, Pericles Lewnes, Edward Bishop

Lisa M. DeHaven (Lisa Dubois)
William E. Benson (in opening credits) W. E. Benson (in closing credits) (Jed (Pa) Clemson)
P. Floyd Piranha (Junior Clemson)
William-Livingston Dekker (Jethro Clemson)
Zoofeet (Billy Bob (Elly May) Clemson)
James H. Housely (Wilbur)
Anthony Burlington-Smith (Bob)
Martin J. Wolfman (Andy)
Boo Teasedale (Sally)
Darla Deans (Theresa)
Tyrone Taylor (Tyrone Robinson (the soldier))
Frank Lantz (crazy hitch-hiker)
Bucky Santini (Ferd Mertz)
Steve Sooy (mental patient one)
Anthony M. Carr (attendant one)
Keith Johnson (attendant two)
Ken Davis (mental patient two)
Stan Morrow (Dr Kildare)
Brent Thurston-Rogers (Dr Casey)

Alternative Titles

Redneck County Rape



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