Red Dwarf: Better Than Life (1988)

UK, 13 September
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Red Dwarf (1988-) – series 2, episode 2

A British comic science fiction television episode directed by Ed Bye.

Plot Summary

A post pod catches up with the Red Dwarf bringing bad news for Rimmer – his dad had died even before the accident which killed him. But Lister has just the thing to take his mind off things – Better Than Life, a total immersion videogame in which the players enter a world. But will Rimmer's psyche be able to cope with a perfect existence?


Directed by: Ed Bye
A Paul Jackson production for BBC North West
Executive Producer: Paul Jackson
Produced by: Ed Bye
Associate Producer: Ann Zahl
Production Manager: Mike Agnew
By/Written by: Rob Grant, Doug Naylor
Lighting Director: John Pomphrey
Camera Supervisor: Melvyn Cross
OB Lighting: David Parker, Gordon White
OB Cameraman: Rocket
Technical Co-Ordinator: Andrew Cowley
Vision Mixer: Jill Dornan
Videotape Editor: Ed Wooden
Music: Howard Goodall
Sound Supervisor: Tony Worthington
Make-Up Designer: Bethan Jones
Costume Designer: Jacki Pinks
Visual Effects Designer: Peter Wragg
Designer: Paul Montague
Props Buyer: Mike Fallon
Graphic Designer: Mark Allen
Production Team: Helen Campbell, Kate Preston
Assistant Floor Manager: Dona DiStefano
Production Assistant: Anna Staniland
Unit Manager: Kelvin Jones

Chris Barrie (Rimmer)
Craig Charles (Lister)
Danny John Jules (Cat)
Norman Lovett (Holly)
John Abineri (Rimmer's dad)
Debbie Ash (Marilyn Monroe)
Jeremy Austin (Rathbone)
Nigel Carrivick (the captain)
Tony Hawks (the guide)
Judy Hawkins (McGruder)
Tina Jenkins (the newsreader)
Ron Pember (the taxman)
Gordon Salkilld (Gordon)


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Red Dwarf Programme Guide (3rd edition) by Chris Howarth and Steve Lyons pp.76-78 – review, synopsis