Red Dwarf (1988-)

UK, 15 February 1988-
12 series [ongoing], 73 episodes [ongoing], average 25m each
videotape, digital video, colour, 4:3, 16:9
stereo, English

A long-running British science fiction sitcom created by Rob Grant & Doug Naylor. From 1988 to 1999 it was broadcast by the BBC but went off air while Naylor tried, unsuccessfully, to launch a feature film version. It returned to the small screen in 2009 on the cable channel Dave with the 3-part mini-series Back to Earth and a 6-part series, Red Dwarf X followed on the same channel in 2012. Two further series and a feature-length special were then commissioned for broadcast in 2016, 2017 and 2019. A planned film version was scheduled to go into production in 2005 but a failure to secure sufficient funds put paid to the project. Some elements of the script were recycled for the episode The Beginning (8 November 2012).


The spaceship Red Dwarf, a massive mining vessel, drifts millions of light years off course after the crew are wiped out in an accident. The sole survivor is Dave Lister, a lowly technician, who has been frozen in stasis as punishment for sneaking his pregnant cat aboard. Accompanied only by a hologram of his bunkmate, the anally retentive Arnold Rimmer, the senile ship’s computer Holly, a lifeform that evolved from his cat and later the android Kryten, Lister faces many trials and tribulations.


Regular Crew

Directed by: Ed Bye [series 1-4, 7-8]; Juliet May [series 5]; Grant Naylor [series 5, Back to Earth, series 10]; Andy de Emmony [series 6]; Doug Naylor (2009, 2012-)
Created by: Rob Grant and Doug Naylor
Executive Producer: Paul Jackson [series 1-3]
Produced by: Rob Grant and Doug Naylor; Henry Normal [series 10-]
Written by: Rob Grant, Doug Naylor, Paul Alexander, Kim Fuller, Robert Llewellyn, James Hendrie
Music by: Howard Goodall

Regular Cast
Chris Barrie (Rimmer) [series 1-]
Craig Charles (Lister) [series 1-]
Danny John-Jules (Cat) [series 1-]
Norman Lovett (Holly) [series 1-2, 7-8]
Robert Llewellyn (Kryten) [series 3-]
Hattie Hayridge (Holly) [series 3-5]
Clare Grogan (Kochanski) [series 1, 2, 4]
Chloƫ Annett (Kochanski) [series 7-Back to Earth]


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Red Dwarf
The End (15 February 1988)
Future Echoes (22 February 1988)
Balance of Power (29 February 1988)
Waiting for God (7 March 1988)
Confidence and Paranoia (14 March 1988)
Me2 (21 March 1988)

Red Dwarf II
Kryten (6 September 1988)
Better than Life (13 September 1988)
Thanks for the Memory (20 September 1988)
Stasis Leak (27 September 1988)
Queeg (4 October 1988)
Parallel Universe (11 October 1988)

Red Dwarf III
Backwards (14 November 1989)
Marooned (21 November 1989)
Polymorph (28 November 1989)
Bodyswap (5 December 1989)
Timeslides (12 December 1989)
The Last Day (19 December 1989)

Red Dwarf IV
Camille (14 February 1991)
DNA (21 February 1991)
Justice (28 February 1991)
White Hole (7 March 1991)
Dimension Jump (14 March 1991)
Melt Down (21 March 1991)

Red Dwarf V
Holoship (20 February 1992)
The Inquisitor (27 February 1992)
Terrorform (5 March 1992)
Quarantine (12 March 1992)
Demons and Angels (19 March 1992)
Back to Reality (26 March 1992)

Red Dwarf VI
Psirens (7 October 1993)
Legion (14 October 1993)
Gunmen of the Apocalypse (21 October 1993)
Emohawk – Polymorph II (28 October 1993)
Rimmerword (4 November 1993)
Out of Time (11 November 1993)

Red Dwarf VII
Tikka to Ride (17 January 1997)
Stoke Me a Clipper (24 January 1997)
Ouroboros (31 January 1997)
Duct Soup (7 February 1997)
Blue (14 February 1997)
Beyond a Joke (21 February 1997)
Epideme (28 February 1997)
Nanarchy (7 March 1997)

Red Dwarf VIII
Back in the Red Part One (18 February 1999)
Back in the Red Part Two (25 February 1999)
Back in the Red Part Three (4 March 1999)
Cassandra (11 March 1999)
Krytie TV (18 March 1999)
Pete Part One (25 March 1999)
Pete Part Two (1 April 1999)
Only the Good (5 April 1999)

Back to Earth
Back to Earth Part 1 (10 April 2009)
Back to Earth Part 2 (11 April 2009)
Back to Earth Part 3 (12 April 2009)

Red Dwarf X
Trojan (6 October 2012)
Fathers and Suns (13 October 2012)
Lemons (20 October 2012)
Entangled (25 October 2012)
Dear Dave (1 November 2012)
The Beginning (8 November 2012)

Red Dwarf XI
Twentica (22 September 2016)
Samsara (29 September 2016)
Give and Take (6 October 2016)
Officer Rimmer (13 October 2016)
Krysis (20 October 2016)
Can of Worms (27 October 2016)

Red Dwarf XII
Cured (12 October 2017)
Siliconica (19 October 2017)
Timewave (26 October 2017)
Mechocracy (2 November 2017)
M Corp (9 November 2017)
Skipper (16 November 2017)

The Promised Land (9 April 2020)


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