Razorback (1984)

Australia, 1984
35mm film, Panavision (anamorphic), colour, 2.35:1
Dolby, English

An Australian horror film directed by Russell Mulcahy.

Plot Summary

A gigantic, vicious Razorback – a kind of wild boar – is terrorizing a small Australian outback town. It kills an American television journalist covering the story and her husband Carl arrives looking to find and kill the beast but encounters hostility from the locals as he tries.


Director: Russell Mulcahy
AAU, Western Film Productions
Producer: Hal McElroy
Associate Producer: Tim Sanders
Script: Everett De Roche
Novel: Peter Brennan
Director of Photography: Dean Semler
Editor: William M. Anderson
Music: Iva Davies
Sound Mixers: Peter Fenton, Phil Heywood, Ron Purvis
Costume Designer: Helen Hooper
Razorback Designer: Bob McCarron
Production Designer: Bryce Walmsley

Gregory Harrison (Carl Winters)
Arkie Whiteley (Sarah Cameron)
Bill Kerr (Jake Cullen)
Chris Haywood (Benny Baker)
David Argue (Dicko Baker)
Judy Morris (Beth Winters)
John Ewart (Turner)
John Howard (Danny)
Don Smith (Wallace)
Mervyn Drake (Andy)
Redmond Phillips (magistrate)
Alan Becher (counsel)
Peter Schwarz (lawyer)
Beth Child (Louise Cullen)
Rick Kennedy (farmer)
Chris Hession (television cowboy)
Brian Adams (male newscaster)
Jinx Lootens (female newscaster)
Angus Malone (Scotty)
Peter Boswell (Wagstaff)
Don Lane

Alternative Titles

Corte da Navalha, O – Brazil
Dödens käftar – Sweden
Harjaniska – Finland
Hirmukarju – Finland
Razorback – Kampfkoloß der Hölle – West Germany
Razorback – O Javali Assassino – Brazil (television)
Razorback: oltre l’urlo del demonio – Italy



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