Raw Nerve (1991)

USA, 1991
colour, Dolby Digital

An American horror film directed by David A. Prior.

Plot Summary

Racing driver Jimmy Clayton has psychic visions of a series of killing that have been committed in his neighbourhood. Naturally, the police don’t believe him – and when he ‘sees’ his sister Gina being killed, he decides to take the law into his own hands to protect her, teaming up with journalist Gloria Freedman to find the killer before he can get to Gina.


Director: David A. Prior
Executive Producers: David Winters, Marc Winters
Producer: Ruta K. Aras
Associate Producer: Robert Willoughby
Script: David A. Prior, Lawrence L. Simeone
Director of Photography: Andrew Parke
Editor: Tony Malanowski
Music: Greg Turner
Locations: Mobile, Alabama, USA

Glenn Ford (Captain Gavin)
Sandahl Bergman (Gloria Freedman)
Randall ‘Tex’ Cobb (Blake Garrett)
Ted Prior (Jimmy Clayton)
Traci Lords (Gina Clayton)
Jan-Michael Vincent (Lt Bruce Ellis)
Red West (Dave)
Graham Timbes (Sgt Mancina)
Jerry Douglas Simms (Doc)
Yvonne Stancil (Lori Cline)
Doris Hearn (Mrs Needlemyer)
Trevor Hale (Brad)
Brian J. Scott (Ken)
Jim Aycock (Kincade)
Ken Kennedy (Wino)
Donna Willard (Brenda)
Mary Willard (Marsha)
John Graham Sr (officer 1)
Robert Willoughby (racetrack boss)
Karen Johnson (paramedic)

Alternative Titles

IntuiciĆ³n mortal – Venezuela
Intuizioni mortali – Italy
Kuoleman sirpaleet – Finland
Opetanie – Poland



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