Raw Force (1982)

USA, Philippines,
35mm, colour
mono, English
Reviewed at The EOFFTV Review

An American/Filipino horror film directed by Edward D. Murphy.

Plot Summary

A group of martial artists head for an island supposedly haunted by ghosts of martial artists who have lost their honour and where a madman is running a female ring.


Directed by: Edward D. Murphy
© MCMLXXXI Ansor International Ltd.
Alfred Zacharias presents an Ansor International picture
Executive Producers: Rebecca Bella and Lawrence Woolner
Produced by: Frank Johnson
Screenplay by: Edward Murphy
Director of Photography: Frank Johnson
Edited by: Eric Lindemann
Music Composed and Conducted by: Walter Murphy
Production Mixer: Fred Ginsburg
Wardrobe Mistress: Maddie Gallaga
Make-up Artist: Cecile Baun
Photographic Effects: Optrics
Locations: Philippines

Cameron Mitchell (Captain Harry Dodds)
Geoff Binney (Mike O'Malley)
Jillian Kessner (Cookie Winchell)
John Dresden (John Taylor)
Jennifer Holmes (Ann Davis)
Hope Holiday (Hazel Buck)
Rey King (Go Chin)
Carla Reynolds (Eileen Fox)
Carl Anthony (Lloyd Davis)
John Locke (Gary Schwartz)
Mark Tanous (Cooper)
Ralph Lombardi (Thomas Speer)
Chanda Romero (Mayloo)
Britt Helfer (girl in cabin)
Camille Keaton (girl in toilet)
Maggie Lee (gun moll)
Garry McClintic (Steve)
John Rosselli (male stripper)
Joe Pagliuso (Milt)
Robert Dennis (man in toilet)

Alternative Titles

Czysta energia – Poland
Força Cruel – Brazil
Forza bruta – Italy
Cannibals – USA
Shogun Island
Taistelijoiden saari – Finland



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