Race with the Devil (1975)

USA, 1970
35mm film, “color by DeLuxe”, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Jack Starrett.

Plot Summary

Two city couples are touring America in an RV when they fall foul of a coven of .


Directed by: Jack Starrett
© MCMLXXV [] by Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
A Saber-Maslansky production
Executive Producer: Paul Maslansky
Produced by: Wes Bishop
Written by: Lee Frost and Wes Bishop
Director of Photography: Robert Jessup
Supervising Editor: Allan Jacobs
Film Editor: John Link
Music: Leonard Rosenman
Production Mixer: William Randall
Wardrobe: Nancy Mcardle
Make-Up: Dottie Pearl
Special Effects: Richard Helmer

Peter Fonda (Roger)
Warren Oates (Frank)
Loretta Swit (Alice)
Lara Parker (Kelly)
R.G. Armstrong (Sheriff Taylor)
Clay Tanner (Jack Henderson)
Carol Blodgett (Ethel Henderson)
Phil Hoover (mechanic)
Ricci Ware (Ricci Ware)
Paul A. Partain (Cal Mathers)
James N. Harrell (gun shop owner)
Karen Miller (Kay)
Arkey Blue (Arkey Blue)
Jack Starrett (gas station attendant)
Wes Bishop (Deputy Dave)


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