Racconti di fantascienza (1978-1979)

Italy, 17 January 1979-31 January 1979
1 series, 3 episodes
colour, 4:3
mono, Italian

An Italian science fiction anthology television series first shown on Rete 2.


Actor Arnoldo Foà reads extracts from science fiction stories followed by three short film adaptations of different stories directed by Alessandro Blasetti.


I misteri del tempo e dello spazio (17 January 1979)
Foà reads extracts from Imagine by Fredric Brown and Tutto in un punto by Italo Calvino.

Primo contatto
Based on First Contact by Murray Leinster
Cast: Orso Maria Guerrini, Nanni Loy, Orazio Orlando, Angelo Pellegrino

Un caso insoluto
Based on a story by Franco Bellei
Cast: Riccardo Cegani, Riccardo Cucciolla, Franco Montalbano, Franco Odoardi, Caterina Leonardi, Franco Zinnerman

La crisalide
Based on The Chrysalis by Ray Bradbury
Cast: Graziano Giusti, Paolo Poli, Aldo Rendina, Franco Scandurra

I robot (24 January 1979)
Foà reads an excerpt from The Last Charge by Robert Lory, translated by Andreina Negretti and is joined by Massimo de Rossi for an extract from Robert Sheckley’s Automatic Requiem

I sosia
Based on the story Lookalies by Ray Bradbury
Cast: Marina Malfatti, Giuseppe Pambieri

Ultimi riti
Based on the story Last Rites by Charles Beaumont
Cast: Roldano Lupi, Paul Müller

Based on the story The Assassin by Ray Bradbury
Cast: Pippo Franco, Ugo Gregoretti

I mostri dentro di noi (31 January 1979)
Extracts are read from The Sentinel by Fredric Brown, translated by Carlo Fruttero and The New World of Aldous Huxley, translated by Lorenzo Gigli and Luciano Bianciardi, by Arnoldo Foà and Emilio Cigoli

Based on the Story The Exam by: by Richard Matheson
Cast: Pierpaolo Capponi, Mario Carotenuto, Valeria Ciangottini

La decima vittima
Based on the Short Story The Seventh Victim by: Robert Sheckley
Cast: Orso Maria Guerrini, Catherine Spaak, Melu Valente

O.B.N. in arrivo
Based on the Short Story OBN by Edmund Cooper
Cast: Arnoldo Foà, Umberto Orsini

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