Rabid (1976)

Canada, 1976
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.85:1
mono, English

A Canadian science fiction/horror film directed by David Cronenberg. Production took place between 1 November and 5 December 1976 and the finished film was first released on 8 April 1977 in 12 cinemas in Montreal and Quebec, Canada (2 English in Montreal, 10 French).

Plot Summary

Following a motorcycle accident, Rose is treated with experimental surgery by Dr Keloid. In the aftermath she develops a taste for blood and grows a strange appendage under her arm which she uses to attack her victims who are in turn are transformed into rabid maniacs.


Directed by: David Cronenberg
© 1976 The Dibar Syndicate
Dunning/Link/Reitman present. New World Pictures presents [US prints]. Produced with the financial assistance of the Canadian Film Development Corporation and the Famous Players Film Company
Executive Producers: Ivan Reitman, André Link
Produced by: John Dunning
Associate Producer: Dan Goldberg
Written by: David Cronenberg
Director of Photography: René Verzier
Edited by: Jean Lafleur
Music Supervisor: Ivan Reitman
Sound Recordist: Richard Lightstone
Wardrobe: Erla Gliserman
Key Make-up: Mireille Recton
Miss Chambers’ Hair by: John of Le Pavillon
Special Make-up Design by: Joe Blasco Make-Up Association
Special Make-up Artist: Byrd Holland
Special Effects: Al Griswold
Art Director: Claude Marchand

Marilyn Chambers (Rose)
Frank Moore (Hart Read)
Joe Silver (Murray Cypher)
Howard Ryshpan (Dr Dan Keloid)
Patricia Gage (Dr Roxanne Keloid)
Susan Roman (Mindy Kent)
J. Roger Periard (Lloyd Walsh)
Lynne Deragon (Nurse Louise)
Terry Schonblum (Judy Glasberg)
Victor Désy (Claude LaPointe)
Julie Anna (Nurse Rita)
Gary McKeehan (Smooth Eddy)
Terrence G. Ross (farmer)
Miguel Fernandes (man in cinema)
Robert O’Ree (police sergeant)
Greg Van Riel (young man in plaza)
Jérôme Tiberghien (Dr Karl)
Allan Moyle (young man in lobby)
Richard W. Farrell (camper man)
Jeannette Casenave (camper lady)

Alternative Titles


Rabid (2019)

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