R3: The Fratton Experiment (1965)

UK, 16 January
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: R3 (1964-1965) – series 1, episode 13

A British science fiction television episode directed by Peter Dews.

Plot Summary

Fratton faces his greatest crisis since joining R3.


Director: Peter Dews
Producer: Andrew Osborn
Script: N.J. Crisp
Script Editor/Story Consultant: N.J. Crisp
Music: Ken Thorne
Designer: Donald Brewer

John Robinson (Sir Michael Gerrard)
Brenda Saunders (Miss Brooks)
Elizabeth Sellars (Dr May Howard)
Richard Wordsworth (Dr Peter Travers)
Moultrie Kelsall (Dr George Fratton)
Simon Lack (Dr Jack Morton)
Edwin Richfield (Pomeroy)
Janet Kelly (Betty Mason)
Derek Benfield (Tom Collis)
Maxwell Foster (Porter)
Peter Tory (Pointer)
Maxwell Foster (Stubbs)
Nancie Jackson (Mrs Fratton)
Barry Wilsher (Matthews)
John Law (Dr Crawley)
Margery Withers (Sister Parker)
Joan Geary (Mrs Shaw)


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