Quintet (1979)

USA, 1979
35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
stereo, English

An American science fiction film directed by Robert Altman.

Plot Summary

In a future ice age, Essex and his pregnant wife Vivia arrive at an underground city. There, the survivors pass the time playing the board game Quintet. One group has taken it to extremes, using people instead of tokens – and playing to the death…


Directed by: Robert Altman
© 1979 Twentieth Century-Fox Film Corporation
Twentieth Century-Fox [logo]. A Lion’s Gate film
Executive Producer: Tommy Thompson
Produced by: Robert Altman
Screenplay by: Frank Barhydt & Robert Altman and Patricia Resnick
Story by: Robert Altman, Lionel Chetwynd, Patricia Resnick
Director of Photography: Jean Boffety
Edited by: Dennis M. Hill
Music Composed & Conducted by: Tom Pierson
Sound: Robert Gravenor, Lion’s Gate 8-track Sound
Costume Designer: Scott Bushnell
Makeup: Monty Westmore
Special Effects: Tom Fisher, John Thomas
Production Designer: Leon Ericksen

Paul Newman (Essex)
Bibi Andersson (Ambrosia)
Fernando Rey (Grigor)
Brigitte Fossey (Vivia)
Nina Van Pallandt (Deuca)
David Langton (Goldstar)
Tom Hill (Francha)
Vittorio Gassman (St. Christopher)
Monique Mercure (Redstone’s mate)
Craig Richard Nelson (Redstone)
Maruska Stankova (Jaspera)
Anne Gerety (Aeon)
Michel Maillot (Obelus)
Max Fleck (wood supplier)
Françoise Berd (charity house woman)

Alternative Titles

Kouinteto – Greek title
Kvintetti – Finnish title
Kwintet – Polish title
Quinteto – Argentine video, Brazilian title
Quintett – Austrian, West German title


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