Quincy’s Quest (1979)

UK, 20 December
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English
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A British fantasy television special directed by Robert Reed.

Plot Summary

On Eve, the toy store rejects are due to meet a fiery end in an incinerator. But the doll Quincy decides to save his fellow unwanted and sets out to find , the only person who can help them.


Director: Robert Reed
Thames Television
Producer: Robert Reed
Associate Producer: Eric Merriman
Script: Tommy Steele, Robert Williams, Eric Merriman, with acknowledgments to Francis Essex
Story: Tommy Steele
Lighting Director: David Motture
Senior Cameraman: Peter Howell
Vision Control: Ian Jones, Paul Stripp
Video Tape Editor: Fred Turner
Music: Stanley Lebowsky
Incidental Theme Music: Jimmy Bennett
Orchestrator: Peter Knight
Synthesizer: Dave Stewart
Lyrics: Fred Tobias
Songs Performed By: The Mike Sammes Singers and Jan Hartley
Choral Master: John McCarthy
Musical Director: Peter Knight
Music Executive: Joyce Sharpen
Musical Associates: Laurie Holloway, Sam Harding, Alan Bence
Sound: Brian Moray, Peter Ball
Costume Designer: Jan Rowell
Make Up Supervisor: Joan Hills, Christine Morrell
Puppet Supervisors: Paul Aylett, Peter James
Miniature Effects for Gillie Potter Productions: Ken Friswell, Richard Taylor
Animation Camera: Peter Goodwin
Video Effects Mixer: Peter Boffin
Production Designer: Peter Le Page
Graphics and Animation Designer: Barry O'Riordan
Staging: Tommy Steele
Dance Production Coordinator: Dawn Macdonald
Choreographer: Irving Davies
Assistant Choreographer: Gordon Yeats
Studio Supervisor: Dave Sparks
Stage Manager: John O'Byrne
Floor Manager: Patrick Vance
Production Assistant: Janet Mullins
Perfects By: Merriman and Holloway
Booking Executive: Iris Frederick

Tommy Steele (Quincy)
Mel Martin (Rebecca)
Charles Morgan (narrator)
Frederick Schiller (Smithy)
Lila Kaye (Griselda)
Tony Aitken (Teddy)
Lance Percival (Jack)
Aubrey Woods (Mr Perfect)
Matt Zimmerman (Conn)
Leo Dolan (soldier)
Willoughby Goddard (General)
James Wolley (aide de camp)
Gretchen Franklin (witch)
Roy Kinnear (Top)
Patsy Kensit (Jennifer)
Gary Fetterplace (boy)
Arnold Diamond (manager)
Jan Murzynowski (Smithy's assistant)
Peter Hawkins (voices)
The children from the Italia Conti School (voices)
Father Christmas (himself)
Thomas Booker, Bill Dysdale, Wendy Gotelee, Kay Korda, Dawn MacDonald, Laura Norman, Shawne Powell, Natalie Shaw, Sandra Snook, Helen Thomas, Jane Warby, Trevor Willis, Gordon Yeats (The Irving Davies Dancers)



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