Quest for the Mighty Sword (1990)

Italy, 1990
35mm film, colour

An Italian fantasy film directed by Joe D’Amato using the pseudonym David Hills.

Plot Summary

A god gave a powerful magic sword to the king of Aquiles to help him bring justice to his people. But now the god wants it back, but the king is refusing to give it up. The goddess Dehamira, who has been championing the king, is banished to a circle of fire until a human strong enough to free her can be found. When he turns 18, Prince Ator is given the sword by the sorcerer Grindl and charged with freeing Dehamira.


Directed by: David Hills [real name: Joe D’Amato]
Filmirage presents a Filmirage production
© 1989 Producers International
Story by: David Hille [real name: Joe D’Amato]
Director of Photography: Federiko Slonisko [real name: Joe D’Amato]
Film Editor: Kathleen Stratton
Music Composed and Directed by: Carlo Maria Cordio
Sound Man: Keith Young
Costume Designer: Laura Gemser
Make-up: Maurizio Trani
Special Effects: Maurizio Trani
Art Director: Massimo Lentini
Casting: Paul Werner, Cleo Lori

Eric Allan Kramer (Ator)
Margaret Lenzey (Dejanira)
Donald O’Brien (Gunther)
Dina Morrone (Sunn)
Chris Murphy (Skiold)
Laura Gemser (Grimilde)
Marisa Mell (Nephele)
Don Semeraro (Thorn-Grindel Hagen)

Alternative Titles

Ator III: The Hobgoblin – US video title
Ator l’invincible
The Hobgoblin
– English language title
Troll – Das Schwert der Macht – West German TV title
Troll 3 – German/Hungarian title

Sequel to
Ator l’invincibile (1982)
Ator l’invincibile 2 (1983)
Iron Warrior (1987)


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