Queen of the Blues (1979)

35mm film, colour
mono, English

A British sex comedy with some fantasy elements directed by Willy Roe.

Plot Summary

Brothers Mike and Tony Carter convert a strait-laced gentleman's club into a strip club and fall foul of local mobsters, jealousy among the girls and a ghost that haunts the stage.


Directed by: Willy Roe
Roldvale Productions
Executive Producers: David Sullivan
Produced by: Willy Roe
Written by: Joe Ryan
Director of Photography: Douglas Hill
Editor: Jim Connock
Music Composed and Conducted by: David Whitaker
Sound Recordist: Stan Phillips
Costume Designer: Mary Johnson
Make-up: Stella Morris
Art Director: Peter Williams

John M. East (Mike Carter)
Allan Warren (Tony Carter)
Lynn Dean (Lucille)
Ballard Berkeley (Uncle Fred)
Robert Russell (Rex Roscoe)
Felix Bowness (Eddie)
Milton Reid (Ricky)
Geraldine Hooper (receptionist)
Mary Millington (Mary)
Cindy Truman (Mirabelle)
Nicola Austin (Teresa)
Lydia Lloyd (June)
Rosalind Watts (Jane)
Rosemary England (Jill)
Pat Astley (Rosetta)
Faith Daykin (Charmaine)
Fiona Sanderson (Valerie)
Valerie Minifie (Enid/Sue)
Harry Littlewood (Derek)
Steve “Trickman” Kane (waiter)

Alternative Titles

Mavile Kralice – Turkish title
Queen of Spades – Australian video title


Monthly Film Bulletin vol.46 no.548 (September 1979) p.199
“Dim even by exploitation standards, this piece of inconsequent trash is set in a night-club which appears to have permanent residents rather than patrons, since the same faces reappear day after day, still striving manfully to react to acts which, by about the film's halfway mark, begin to come round again (sometimes, one suspects, with the footage simply being repeated). The script, if it can be dignified by the name, is abysmal.” – from a review by Tom MIlne


Monthly Film Bulletin vol.46 no.548 (September 1979) p.199 – credits, synopsis review (by Tom Milne)
Screen International no.201 (4 August 1979) p.32 – credits, review