Queen of Blood (1966)

35mm film, Pathécolor
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by Curtis Harrington.

Plot Summary

In the year 1990, contact is made with via . But an alien ship on its way to Earth crash-lands on and a team of human set out to investigate. They find a single, green skinned female survivor who turns out to thrive on human . As the ship heads back to Earth, the crew are picked off one at a time while the alien lays some to propagate the species.


Director: Curtis Harrington
AIP, Filmgroup
Executive Producer: Roger Corman
Producer: Samuel Z. Arkoff, George Edwards
Associate Producer: Stephanie Rothman
Production Manager: Gary Kurtz
Script: Curtis Harrington
Director of Photography: Vilis Lapeniks
Editor: Leo H. Shreve
Music: Leonard Morand
Sound: Harold Garver
Costume Supervisor: Sharon Compton
Make Up: William Condos
Hair: George Spier
Art Director: Albert Locatelli
Set Decorator: Leon Smith
Property Master: Carl Schanzer
Locations: Major Studios, Los Angeles

John Saxon (Allan Brenner)
Basil Rathbone (Dr Faraday)
Judi Meredith (Laura James)
Dennis Hopper (Paul Grant)
Florence Marly (alien queen)
Robert Boon (Anders Brockman)
Forrest J. Ackerman (scientist)
Terry Lee
Don Eitner (Tony Barrata)
J. Robert Porter
Virgil Frye

Alternative Titles

Flight to a Far Planet
The Green Woman
Planet of Blood
– US TV title
Planet of Terror
Planet of

Includes extracts from
Meshte Nastreshu (1963)
Niebo Zowiet (1959)

Extracts included in
Faces of Horror (1989)

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Alien (1979)


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