Quarries (2016)

USA, 2016
digital video, colour
stereo, English

An American horror film directed by Nils Taylor.

Plot Summary

Kat joins a women’s wilderness expedition to escape an abusive relationship but falls prey to a pack of vicious hunters.


Directed by: Nils Taylor
© 2016 Quarries Group, LLC
Diamond Cutter Films, Quarries Group LLC, Thunderstrike Entertainment, Indiesyndicate Productions
Executive Producers: Diamond Cutter Films
Produced by: Nicole Marie Johnson, Nils Taylor, Carrie Finklea, Dean Alioto, Warren Zide
Co-producers: Sara Mornell, Kirill Yusim, Abhishek Devalla
Written by: Nils Taylor, Nicole Marie Johnson
Based on a Story by: Sara Mornell
Director of Photography: : John Woodside
Edited by: David C. Keith, David Jacox
Music by: Isaias Garcia
Sound Mixer: Joseph Bonier
Key Make-up Artist: Jacey Sheets
Visual Effects: Nils Taylor
Production Designed by: Maureen Meenagh

Nicole Marie Johnson (Kat)
Carrie Finklea (Wren)
Leisha Hailey (Madison)
Sara Mornell (Jean)
Luke Edwards (Mitchell)
Joy McElveen (Joy)
Nicole Duport (April)
Rebecca McFadzian [credited as Rebecca Colette McFadzien in the end credits] (Brit)
James Devotti (Ted)
Wes McGee (Zeb)
Michael Yebba (Zeke)
Ray Fonseca (Chris)
Cody Davis (Aja)
Dean Alioto (Cody)
Bryan Jordan (Wilson)
Ryan O’Leary (Karl)