Quante volte… quella notte (1968)

, , 1968
35mm film, colour
mono (Westrex Recording System), Italian

An Italian/West German comedy film with a last-second fantasy sequence directed by Mario Bava. Production began on 14 October 1968 and the film was released on 3 December 1971

Plot Summary

John and Tina meet in a park and go out on a date. But that night, Tina's returns home with her dress torn and John has some suspicious scratches on his faces. The truth proves elusive as three unreliable witnesses (John, Tina and a doorman) give three very different versions of what happened.


Director: Mario Bava
Delfino Film, Hape-Film Company GmbH
Producers: Alfredo Leone, Dick Randall
Script: Mario Moroni, Charles Ross
Assistant Directors: Lamberto Bava, Claudio Rainis
Directors of Photography: Antonio Rinaldi, Mario Bava [uncredited]
Editor: Otello Colangeli
Music: Coriolano Gori
Make Up: Massimo De Rossi
Hair: Lidia Puglia
Locations: Rome, Lazio, Italy

Daniela Giordano (Tina Brandt)
Brett Halsey (Gianni Prada)
Dick Randall (the janitor)
Valeria Sabel (Mrs Sofia Brandt)
Michael Hinz (Rudy)
Rainer Basedow (Jack)
Brigitte Skay (Mumu)
Calisto Calisti (the scientist)
Pascale Petit (Esmeralda)

Alternative Titles

Four Times That Night
Vier Mal heute Nacht
– West German title


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