Quake (1993)

85m, colour

An American horror film directed by Louis Morneau.

Plot Summary

In the aftermath of a devastating earthquake, a young couple are terrorised by their psychotic neighbour.


Director: Louis Morneau
Executive Producer: Roger Corman
Producers: Mike Elliott, Louis Morneau
Script: Mark Evan Schwartz
Story: Rob Kerchner
Editors: Glenn Garland, Robert L. Goodman
Music: Nigel Holton
Costume Designer: Leesa Evans
Production Designer: Stuart Blatt

Steve Railsback (Kyle)
Erika Anderson (Jenny)
Eb Lottimer (David)
Burton Gilliam (Willie)
Marlon Archey (Joe)
Peter Looney (boatman)
Dick Miller (storekeeper)
Rick Dean (young tough)
Mike Pniewski (cop in crowd)
Rodger Hall (cop on freeway)
P.J. Pesce (man in crowd)
Kevin Page (other man in crowd)
Andrew Buckley (market policeman)
Bari K. Willerford (other cop in crowd)

Alternative Titles


Includes extracts from
Attack of the Crab Monsters (1957)
Earthquake (1974)
Nippon chinbotsu (1973)