Quack-a-Doodle-Doo (1950)

USA, 1950
35mm film, Technicolor
mono (RCA Sound Recording)

An American short animated fantasy film directed by Isidore Sparber directed by I. Sparber.

Plot Summary

Ugly duckling Baby Huey is shunned by most of the other ducks, only loved by his mother. But Huey saves the day when the barnyard is attacked by a very hungry fox.


Direction: I. Sparber [real name: Isidore Sparber]
A Paramount picture. Paramount presents a Noveltoon. A Famous Studios production
Story: Carl Meyer, Jack Mercer, Martin Taras
Animation: Dave Tendlar, Tom Golden
Music: Winston Sharples
Scenics: Robert Connavale

Extracts included in
Baby Huey (1954)


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