Qiu deng ye yu (1974)

Hong Kong, 1974
101m, colour, 2.35:1
mono, Mandarin

A Hong Kong horror film directed by Feng-pan Yao.

Plot Summary

A rich landowner’s affair with a poor girl ends in tragedy when he gets her pregnant and refuses to marry her. Cast out, homeless and hungry, The girl and her child freeze to death one cold, dark night. But they return as ghosts to haunt the man whose callousness contributed to their deaths.


Directed by: Feng-pan Yao
Produced by: Kuan-chun Liu
Story: Songling Pu
Sound Recordist: Kun-Chi Lin

Kuei Chang
Ping-Yu Chang
Kuo-kou Chen
Ling-tzu Chin
Meng Chin
Chung-Lien Chou
Hsin-chi Kao
Yeh Tien
Yu Wang
Chi-ou Yang
Yang Yueh

Alternative Titles

All in a Dim Cold Night


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