Q (1982)

USA, 1982
35mm film, Panavision, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Larry Cohen.

Plot Summary

In New York a giant flying lizard has been picking off unwary sunbathers. While police struggle to make sense of the situation, an ex-con stumbles upon the monster’s lair and spots an opportunity to get rich quick.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Larry Cohen
© MCMLXXXII [1982] Larco Productions, Inc.
Samuel Z. Arkoff presents a Larco production. A Larry Cohen film
Executive Producers: Dan Sandburg, Richard De Bona
Produced by: Larry Cohen
Associate Producer: Paul Kurta
Written by: Larry Cohen
Photographed by: Fred Murphy
Edited by: Armond Lebowitz
Music by: Robert O. Ragland
Sound Mixer: Jeff Hayes
Wardrobe: Tim D’Arcy
Special Makeup: Dennis Eger, Steve Neill *, Rick Stratton *
Special Visual Effects by: David Allen, Randy Cook, Peter Kuran, Lost Arts Inc.

Michael Moriarty (Jimmy Quinn)
Candy Clark (Joan)
David Carradine as Shepard
Richard Roundtree (Powell)
Lee Louis (Lt. Banyon)
Fred J. Scollay (Capt. Fletcher)
James Dixon (Lt Murray)
Malachy McCourt (commissioner)
Bruce Carradine (the victim)
Peter Hock (Det. Clifford)
Ron Cey (Det. Hoberman)
Mary Louise Weller (Mrs Pauley)
John Capodice (Doyle)
Tony Page (Webb)
Larkin Ford (curator)
Larry Pine (the professor)
Eddie Jones (the watchman)
Shelly Desai (Kahsa)
Fred Morsell (first robber)
Ed Kovens (second robber)

Alternative Titles

American Monster – West German title
Bird Over New York – Dutch video title
Epouvante sur New-York – French title
Q the Winged Serpent
Il serpente alato
– Italian title
La serpiente voladora – Spanish title
The Winged Serpent


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