Puritan Passions (1923)

USA, 1923
7 reels
35mm film, black and white, 1.33:1

An American borderline horror film directed by Frank Tuttle.

Plot Summary

Satan, posing as Doctor Nicholas, tries to enter the town of Salem at the time of the witch trials. He’s stopped by the Puritan Wingate, whose suspicions are aroused by the feather in Nicholas’ hat. In the town, Wingate’s former lover, Goodwife Rickby, is determined to become a witch to take revenge on the town leaders after her son died because she couldn’t afford a doctor. Exploiting Wingate’s hypocrisy, Nicholas is able to enter the town and teams up with Goodwife to wreak havoc.


Director: Frank Tuttle
Film Guild, W.W. Hodkinson Corporation
Script: Ashmore Creelman [real name: James Ashmore Creelman.[/mfn], Frank Tuttle
Story: Feathertop by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Play: The Scarecrow by Percy MacKaye
Director of Photography: Fred Waller Jr

Glenn Hunter (Lord Ravensbane/The Scarecrow)
Mary Astor (Rachel)
Osgood Perkins (Dr Nicholas)
Maude Hill (Goody Rickby)
Frank Tweed (Gillead Wingate)
Dwight Wiman (Bugby)
Thomas Chalmers (the minister)
Elliott Cabot

Remake of
Feathertop (1912)
Feathertop (1916)

Feathertop (1961)
The Scarecrow (1972)
The Scarecrow (2000)



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