Project X (1967)

35mm film, colour (“color by Technicolor”). 1.78:1
mono, English

An American science fiction film directed by William Castle.

Plot Summary

In the year 2118, genetic researcher Hagen Arnold fallsinto a coma after returning from an espionage mission in Asia, his last words being that there are ten days left. are able to revive him and convime him that he's Alan Fraser, a man from the 20th Century man whoi has committed a bank robbery, using holograms to probe his mind and retrieve his memories of his mission. But an enemy agent has found his way into the project trying to warn Arnold of the danger that he's in.


Directed by: William Castle
© 1967 Paramount Pictures Corporation
A Paramount picture [logo] A William Castle production
Produced by: William Castle
Associate Producer: Dona Holloway
Screenplay by: Edmund Morris
From Novels by: Leslie P. Davies
Director of Photography: Harold Stine
Edited by: Edwin H. Bryant
Music: Van Cleave
Sound Recording by: Garry A. Harris, John Wilkinson
Special Photographic Effects: Paul K. Lerpae
Special Sequences by: Hanna-Barbera Productions
[Special Sequences] Produced by: William Hanna, Joseph Barbera
[Special Sequences] Live Action Director: Wally Buhr
[Special Sequences] Director of Photography: Kenneth Peach
[Special Sequences] Production Design: Carl Urbano, Alex Toth
Art Direction: Hal Pereira, Walter Tyler
Makeup Supervision: Wally Westmore
Hair Style Supervision: Nellie Manley

Christopher George (Hagen Arnold)
Greta Baldwin (Karen Summers)
Henry Jones (Dr Crowther)
Monte Markham (Gregory Gallea)
Harold Gould (Colonel Holt)
Phillip E. Pine (Lee Craig)
Lee Delano (Dr Tony Verity)
Ivan Bonar (Colonel Cowen)
Robert Cleaves (Dr George Tarvin)
Charles Irving (Major Tolley)
Sheila Bartold (Sybil Dennis)
Patrick Wright (Stover)
Maryesther Denver (overseer)
Keye Luke (Sen Chiu)
Ed Prentiss (Hicks)

Alternative Titles

Stohos X – Greece
Anno 2118: progetto X – Italy
Proyecto X – Mexico



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