Programme X: Secret Weapons (1972)

colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Programme X (1970- 1972)

A Canadian science fiction television episode directed by David Cronenberg. It was produced between 6 June and 31 August 1971.

Plot Summary

In 1977, the world has been devastated by an unspeficied disaster and the North American Civil War rages. Pharmaceuticals company General Pharmaceutics has developing neuropsychopharmacological techniques for making soldiers more efficient but is concerned that its chief scientist has fallen in with dissidents.


Directed by: David Cronenberg
Emergent Films Ltd. for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Executive Producer: Paddy Sampson
Associate Producer: George Jonas
Written by: Norman Snider
Director of Photography: Andre Pienaar
Editor: Ronald Sanders
Music: Howard Shore
Wardrobe: Denise Cronenberg
Art Director: Carol Spier

Charles Oberdorf (host)
Lister Sinclair (voice of narrator)
Barbara O'Kelly (motor-cyclist leader)
Norman Snider (the wise man)
Vernon Chapman (the bureaucrat)
Bruce Martin
Ronald Mlodzik
Tom Skudra
Moses Smith
Michael Spence



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