Profondo rosso (1975)

95m (France), 98m (USA – as Deep Red), 100m (USA video and theatrical reissue – as The Hatchet Murders)/100m 32s (UK video – Techno Film/Fletcher), 101m, 121m 9s (UK video – Redemption), 123m (Italy – video), 126m (USA – DVD), 130m (Italy)
35mm film, Techniscope, Technovision, Eastmancolor, 2.35:1
mono, Italian

An Italian horror film directed by Dario Argento.

Plot Summary

English musician Marcus Daly is in when he witnesses the murder of a psychic. Daly begins to follow a trail of obscure clues, convinced that he saw something on the night of the murder that he can't recall clearly. But as he begins to unravel the plot, so the killer closes in on Daly…


Directed by: Dario Argento
Seda Spettacoli Produzione for Rizzoli Films; Lea J. Marks/Radcliffe Associates Ltd [on US posters]
Executive Producer: Claudio Argento
Produced by: Salvatore Argento
Written by: Dario Argento, Bernardino Zapponi
Director of Photography: Luigi Kuveiller
Editor: Franco Fraticelli
Music by: Giorgi Gaslini
Music Performed by: The Goblins
Sound: Mario Faraoni
Costume Designer: Elena Mannini
Key Make-up Artist: Giuliano Laurenti
Hair Stylist: Nicla Palombi
Special Effects: Germane Natali, Carlo Rambaldi
Production Designer: Giuseppe Bassan

David Hemmings (Marc Daly)
Daria Nicolodi (Gianna Brezzi)
Gabriele Lavia (Carlo)
Macha Meril (Helga Ulman)
Eros Pagni (Superintendant Calcabrini)
Giuliana Calandra (Amanda Righetti)
Piero Mazzinghi (Bardi)
Glauco Mauri (Professor Giordani)
Clara Calamai (Carlo's mother, Martha)
Aldo Bonamano (Carlo's father)
Liana Del Balzo (Elvira, Righetti's maid)
Vittorio Fanfoni (cop taking notes)
Dante Fioretti (police photographer)
Geraldine Hooper (Massimo Ricci)
Iacopo Mariani (young Carlo)
Furio Meniconi (Rodi)
Fulvio Mingozzi (Agent Mingozzi)
Lorenzo Piani (fingerprint cop)
Salvatore Puntillo (Fabbroni)
Piero Vida (hungry cop)
Nicoletta Elmi (Olga Rodi)

Alternative Titles

As Sweet As Dying
Bloedlink – Netherlands
Chipsyomega – shooting title
Deep Red – UK/US theatrical/ US video title
Deep Red Hatchet Murders
Dripping Deep Red – USA (advertising)
Les Frissons de l'angoisse – France
The Hatchet Murders – USA (re-release)
Rojo oscuro – Spain
Rosso – Die Farbe des Todes – Germany
Sabre Tooth Tiger – shooting title
Suspiria No 2 – Japan
La tigre dai denti a sciabola – shooting title

Extracts included in
Il mondo dell'orrore di Dario Argento (1985)
Mad Ron's Prevues from Hell (1987)
Grindhouse Horrors (1992)


New York Daily News 10 June 1976
Argento, who's no Hitchcock, manufactures suspense with flashy camerawork, loud noises and pounding music. Then, all is garnished generously with gore. Credibility, which comes in a distant second, flies out the window in the process; here the process is speeded up considerably by poor post-sychronization. Nothing quite fits – especially a low-keyed Hemmings among the overacting Italian players. – from a review by Ann Guarino

New York Times 10 June 1976
[A] bucket of ax-murder-movie clichés thoroughly soaked in red paint that seems intended to represent fake blood. I don't think that Dario Argento, the director, meant to distance us from the action in this way. He's simply a director of incomparable incompetence. […] In the lading role David Hemmings, the English actor, looks wan and in need of a vacation from Rome's off-screen high life. – from a review by Vincent Canby

Cinefantastique vol.5 no.2 (Autumn 1976) p.35
The Italian whiz-kid of suspense, Dario Argento, exhibits the kind of up-and-down quality that ultimately made the career of Mario Bava so disappointing. This is his new low, a sloppy blood and gore fest involving David Hemmings in an obsessive search for whodunit. – from a review by J.F [Jeffrey Frentzen]

Los Angeles Times 13 May 1977
[A] frightening atmospheric Italian horror movie […] Giuseppe Bassan's screenplay promises more than it delivers, but provides an intriguing premise and ensnaring red herrings until finally dissolving into incredulity. Director Dario Argento provokes excruciating suspense but gets carried away with bloody flourishes. […] Photographer Luigi Kuveiller's artful long shots and composer Giorgio Gaslini's eerie music evoke primordial terror. – from a review by Linda Gross



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