Prey (1977)

UK, 1977
73m 43s (UK video (18 rated version)), 78m, 7614 ft
35mm film, Eastmancolor, 1.66:1
mono, English

A British science fiction/horror film directed by Norman J. Warren.

Plot Summary

A carnivorous alien, Kator, comes to Earth and adopts human guise. He finds his way into the secluded home of lesbian couple Jessica and Josephine who take him in. But the possessive Josephine becomes increasingly unstable while the alien, christened Anderson by the women, has its own deadly agenda to fulfil…


Director: Norman J. Warren
© Tymar Film Productions Limited MCMLXXVII [1977]
Executive Producer: Kevin J.J. O’Driscoll
Tymar Film Productions Limited
Producer: Terence Marcel and David Wimbury
Screenplay by: Max Cuff
Screenstory: Quinn Donoghue
Original idea: David Wimbury [uncredited], Terence Marcel [uncredited]
Director of Photography: Derek V. Browne
Editor: Alan Jones
Music: Ivor Slaney
Sound: Robin Gregory, Terry Sharrat, Bob Jones, Doug Turner
Wardrobe: Tiny Nicholls
Lingerie Supplied by: Janet Reger
Make-Up: Harry Frampton
Hairdresser: Bobbie Smith
Art Director: Hayden Pearce

Barry Stokes (Anderson)
Sally Faulkner (Jo)
Glory Annen (Jessica)
Sandy Chinney (Sandy)
Eddie Stacey (1st policeman)
Gerry Crampton (2nd policeman)

Alternative Titles

Alien Prey – US title



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