Popcorn (1991)

USA, Jamaica, 1991
35mm film, Eastmancolor
Dolby, English

An American/Jamaican horror film directed by Mark Herrier and an uncredited Alan Ormsby.

Plot Summary

A group of teenagers are preparing to open an abandoned cinema for an all-night horror movie show. But they are soon being stalked by a serial killer and the prime suspect would seem to be Lanyard Gates, an insane film maker who murdered his family live on stage fifteen years earlier. And one of the students may be his surviving daughter, now living a new life under a new name…


* = uncredited

Directors: Mark Herrier, Alan Ormsby *
Movie Partners, Century Films (Jamaica) Ltd
Executive Producers: Howard Hurst, Karl Hendrickson, Howard Baldwin
Producers: Torben Johnke, Gary Goch, Ashok Armitraj, Bob Clark
Co-producer: Sophie Hurst
Associate Producer: Warren Evans
Script: Tod Hackett [real name: Alan Ormsby)
Story: Mitchell Smith
Director of Photography: Ronnie Taylor
Editor: Stan Cole
Music: Paul J. Zaza
Sound: Oscar Lawson, Bryan Day
Costume Designer: Heidi Kaczenski
Make-up: Mary Sue Heron, John Murdoch
Hair: Carmen Dodaro
Special Make Up Effects Supervisor: Bob Clark
Special Effects Supervisor: Georgio Ferrari
Special Effects: Frank Carere
Special Optical Effects: John Furniotis
Production Designer: Peter Murton

Jill Schoelen (Maggie)
Tom Villard (Toby)
Dee Wallace-Stone (Suzanne)
Derek Rydall (Mark)
Malcolm Danare (Bud)
Elliott Hurst (Leon)
Ivette Soler (Joannie)
Freddie Marie Simpson (Tina)
Kelly Jo Minter (Cheryl)
Karen Witter (Joy)
Ray Walston (Doctor Mnesyne)
Tony Roberts (Mr Davis)
Will Knickerbocker (landlord/warden)
Ethan Ornsby (two headed guy)
Ben Stotes (Hatchethead)
Ken Ryan (radio announcer)
Mat Falls (Lanvard Gates)
Cindy Tavares-Finson (Gloria Gates)
Giana Hanly (Sarah Gates)
Suzanne Hunt (Dr Latimer)

Alternative Titles

Skinner – Germany, Hungary
Cineman kummitus – Finland
Phantom of the Cinema – Finland



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