Plughead Rewired: Circuitry Man II (1994)

Ultra Stereo, English

An American science fiction film directed by Robert and Steven Lovy

Plot Summary

In a polluted near future, agent Kyle uses insane pleasure android Danner to help her catch the psychopathic cyborg Plughead. Plughead's latest scheme is to force a scientist to help him make special chips which extend life which he plans to sell to the wealthy.


Directors: Robert Lovy, Steven Lovy
IRS Media/Trans Atlantic Entertainment
Executive Producers: Miles A. Copeland III, Paul Colichman, Paul Rich, Robert M. Bennett
Producer: Steven Reich
Co-Producers: Robert Lovy, Steven Lovy
Line Producer: John Schouweiler
Script: Robert Lovy, Steven Lovy
Director of Photography: Stephen Timberlake
Editor: David Dresher
Music: Tim Kelly
Production Sound Mixer: D.J. Ritchie
Costume Designer: Angela Balogh-Calin
Key Make Up: Linda Hardy
Special Effects: Steve Patino SPFX Inc
Pyrotechnic Supervisor: Brett Newkirk
Special Visual Effects Creator: Anthony Doublin
Production Designer: Robert Lovy

Vernon Wells (Plughead)
Deborah Shelton (Kyle)
Jim Metzler (Danner)
Dennis Christopher (Leech)
Nicholas Worth (Rock)
Traci Lords (Norma)
Paul Willson (Beany)
Andy Goldberg (Squaid)
Tom Kenny (Guru)
George Murdock (Senator Riley)
Bill Bolender (Private Richards)
George ‘Buck' Flower (Jerry)
Gigi Gaston (rider)
Lauren Gould (technician)
Bob M. Unzueta (banshungee 1)
Rick Kahana (banshungee 2)
Bridget Marks (Jeannie)
Steven Reich (hermit)
Judy Tenuta (transportation officer)

Alternative Titles

Circuitry Man – Germany
Circuitry Man 2

Sequel to
Circuitry Man (1990)