Please Don’t Eat My Mother! (1973)

35mm film, colour, 1.85:1
mono, English

An American comedy horror film directed by Carl Monson.

Plot Summary

A plant develops a taste for live meat, starting insects and workings its way up to humans.


Directed by: Carl Monson
© [not given on screen]
Harry Novak presents. Boxoffice International Pictures, Hollywood
Executive Producer: Harry Novak
Produced by: Carl Monson
Written by: Eric Norden
Script [Supervisor]: Dee Drew
Camera: Jack Beckett
Grip: F Stop Fitzgerald
Editing: Paul Heslin
Color: Movie Lab
Sound: Dan Foly
Sound: Ryder Sound
Effects: Harry Wolman
Opticals: Bob Costa
Art Director: Mike McCloskey

Buck Kartalian
Lynn Lundgren
Art Hedberg
Alice Fredlund
Adam Blair
Flora Wiesel
Ric Lutze
Rene Bond

Alternative Titles

Hungry Pets
Parakalo, min trote… tin mama mou! – Greece
La Plante qui aimait les femmes – French television title
Please Not My Mother
Please Release My Mother
Sex Pot Swingers – alternative title
Sexpot Swingers – alternative title

Extracts included in
At the Sleazies (1991)
Boxoffice Bonanza of Sexploitation Trailers, Volume II (1992)
Extra Weird (2003)
Harry Novak's Boxoffice Bonanza of Sexploitation Trailers, Volume I (1992)

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