Play of the Week: The Anatomist (6 February 1956)

UK, 6 February
35mm film, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Play of the Week (1956-1966)- series 1, episode 20

A British horror television episode directed by Leonard William.


Directed by: Leonard William
© [not given on screen]
Towers of London presents [opening credits] A Towers of London production [closing credits]
Produced by: Vincent Johnston
Production Manager: Aida Young
Adapted for Television by: Denis Webb
(Play) By: James Bridie
Assistant Director: David Tomblin
Continuity: Jane Buck
Director of Photography: Lionel Banes
Editor: Ben Hipkins
Sound Supervisor: Fred Turtle
Dubbing Editor: Anne Walford
Art Director: Duncan Sutherland
Filmed at National Studios, Elstree, England

Alastair Sim (Dr Knox)
George Cole (Walter)
Adrienne Corri (Mary Paterson)
Jill Bennett (Mary Belle)
Margaret Gordon (Amelia)
Diarmuid Kelly (Burke)
Michael Ripper (Hare)
Peter Halliday (Raby)
Frank Taylor (Paterson)
Jefferson Clifford (Nebby)
Doria Noar (Janet)
Irene Sunters (Jessie Ann)

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