Play of the Month: Trilby (1976)

UK, 25 January
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Play of the Month (1965-1983) – series 11, episode 5

A British fantasy television episode directed by Piers Haggard.


Director: Piers Haggard
Producer: Cedric Messina
Script: Hugh Whitemore
Based on the Story by: George du Maurier
Script Editor: Alan Shallcross
Studio Lighting: Howard King
Costumes: Elizabeth Waller

Alan Badel (Svengali)
Sinéad Cusack (Trilby)
Stuart Fox (Billee)
Michael Anthony (Durien)
Rosalie Crutchley (Mrs Bagot)
Bruce Purchase (Taffy)
Muguette De Braie (French woman)
Gerard Paquis, Steve Ubels, Oliver Dunbar, Alexei Jawdokimov (students)
Julian Curry (the laird)
Chris Gannon (Gecko)
Pierre Chaminade (priest)
Hugo De Vernier (theatre manager)
Robin Ford (stage-door keeper)