Play for Today: Rainy Day Women (1984)

UK, 10 April 1984
Series 15, episode 10
16mm film, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Play for Today (1970-1984)

A British borderline horror television episode written by David Pirie and directed by Ben Bolt.

Plot Summary

In 1940, a shell-shocked army officer is sent to remote coastal village to gauge morale among the locals. What he finds is a community being torn apart by misogyny, paranoia about a supposed German invasion and fear of a local woman the men of the community believe to be a witch.


Directed by: Ben Bolt.
Produced by: Michael Wearing
[Written] By: David Pirie
Script Editor: Dusty Hughes
Photography: Michael Williams, Ian Churchill
Film Editor: Oliver White
Music Composed by: Stanley Myers
Sound Recordist: Alex Christison
Costume Designer: Gill Hardie
Make-Up Designer: Carol Ganniclifft
Visual Effects Designers: Richard Inns, Bill Cohen
Designer: Nigel Jones

Charles Dance (Captain John Truman)
Cyril Cusack (Reed)

At Darton
Suzanne Bertish (Alice Durkow)
Lindsay Duncan (Karen Miller)
Joanna Foster (Joan)
Gwyneth Strong (Linda)
Sally Baxter (Susan)
Ian Hogg (Derek Ibbetson)
Anthony Langdon (Joe Hutton)
Anna Mottram (Gayle Hutton)
Bert Parnaby (Fleming)
Gorden Kaye (Vicar)
John Joyce (Charlie Muir)
Tony Pitts (Roy Bates)
David Hatton (Ian Street)
Paul Luty (Ben Leslie)
Anthony Rowson (Tom Durkow)
Godfrey Jackman (A.R.P. warden)

At the army base
Patrick Godfrey (commanding officer)
Graham Padden (captain)
David Beckett (corporal)

On the road
Roger Walker (home guard)
June Page (woman evacuee)
Ian Liston (N.C.O. driver)

Katharine Schofield (Jennifer)
Tony Mathews (Simon)
Hayden Parsey (Timothy)
Lauren Beales (Christopher)