Plan 9 from Outer Space (1958)

USA, 1958
35mm film, black and white, 1.37:1
mono (RCA Sound Recording), English
Reviewed at The

An American science fiction film directed by Edward D. Wood Jr.

Plot Summary

attempt to conquer the Earth using Plan Nine – a diabolical scheme to raise and control the dead. Only a determined group of humans stand between them and world domination.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Edward D. Wood Jr
© MCMLVIII [1958] by Reynolds Pictures, Inc.
A Distributors Corporation of America release
Executive Producer: J. Edward Reynolds
Produced by: Edward D. Wood Jr
Associate Producers: Hugh Thomas Jr, Charles Burg
Production Manager: Kirk Kirkham
Written by: Edward D. Wood Jr
Assistant Director: Willard Kirkham
Script Supervisor: Diana N. Loomis
Director of Photography: William C. Thompson
Grip: Art Manikin
Stills: Larry Smith *
Film Editor: Edward D. Wood Jr
Film Processing: Pathé Laboratory
Music Supervisor: Gordon Zahler
Library Music: “Desolate Village” by Bruce Campbell; “Uneasy Sleep“, “Generator House” by Wolf Droysen; “Grip of the Law“, “Dark Traffic“, “The Web Tightens“, “Lynch Fever” by Trevor Duncan; “Dark of the Moon“, “Mystic Night“, “Hypertension“, “Vigil” by Franz Mahl; “In Your Arms” by John O'Notes; “The Tyrant“, “Manhunt“, “Homicide Squad“, “Mystic“, “Remorse” by Van Phillips; “Dry Throat” by Steve Race; “Hourglass” by Ward Sills; “Operation Room” by James Stevens; “Toward Adventure” by Gilbert Vinter [all *]
Sound: Dale Knight
Wardrobe: Dick Chaney
Makeup: Tom Bartholomew
Special Effects: Charles Duncan
Electrical Effects: Jim Woods
Set Dresser: Harry Reif
Set Construction: Tom Kemp
Production Assistant: Donald A. Davis
Filmed in Hollywood, U.S.A.
Locations: San Fernando, California, USA *
Studio: Quality Studios, Hollywood, California, USA *

Tor Johnson (Inspector [Daniel] Clay)
Vampira (vampire girl)
Tom Keene (Colonel [Tom] Edwards)
Gregory Walcott (Jeff Trent)
Dudley Manlove (Eros)
Mona McKinnon (Paula Trent)
Duke Moore (Lieutenant [John] Harper)
Joanna Lee (Tanna)
Carl Anthony (Patrolman Larry)
Norma McCarty (Edith)
David De Mering (Danny)
Bill Ash (captain)
Conrad Brooks (policeman)
Gloria Dea (girl [in cemetery])
Ben Frommer (man [in cemetery])
Paul Marco (Patrolman Kelton)
Bela Lugosi (ghoul man)
John Breckinridge (ruler)
Lyle Talbot (General [Roberts])
Reverend Lynn Lemon (reverend)
Johnny Duncan *
Karl Johnson [Farmer Colter] *
Tom Mason [elderly man] *
J. Edward Reynolds, Hugh Thomas Jr [gravediggers] *
Edward D. Wood Jr [mourner at old man's funeral] *
Donald A. Davis [drunk] *
Marcus Hutton [organ player] *

Alternative Titles

Grave Robbers from Outer Space – working title
Piano 9 da un altro spazio – Italy
Plan 9 aus dem Weltall – Germany
The Vampire's Tomb – working title

Plan 10 from Outer Space (1994)

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Motion Picture Herald vol.216 no.6 (8 August 1959) p.364
This J. Edward Reynolds production is but another in the apparently endless stream of minor-effort science-fiction played out with an obvious eye on the type of audience not particularly concerned with logic and clamors only for weirdness, the further out in unknown areas the better. – from a review by AMW

The Daily Cinema no.8269 (17 February 1960) p.10
Obviously made on a shoe string, this picture is too naïvely written, directed and acted to make more than a double biller for the least demanding audiences. Its X certificate and some quite smart special effects are the best selling aspects of it. – from a review by F.J.

Monthly Film Bulletin vol.27 no.315 (April 1960) p.54
A routine idea, crudely written, directed and acted provides, just about the weakest SF-cum-horror thriller to come out of Hollywood in years. The late Bela Lugosi is seen sadly as a ghoul. – from an uncredited review



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