Pitch Black (1999)


A British horror film directed by Daniel Simpson. The film was shown at the 1998 London Film Festival under this title but was later screened as The Uninvited.

Plot Summary

The new inhabitants of a London flat are haunted by the reclusive old woman who used to live there.


Director: Daniel Simpson
© 1999 Arts Council of England
Little Dancer Films. With support from Arts Council of England, British Film Institute, London Production Fund
Producer: Dalziel Douglas, Robert Smith
Written by: Daniel Simpson
Director of Photography: Franz Pagot
Editor: Andi Sloss
Music: Jason Cooper, Oliver Kraus
Sound Recording: Ashok Kumar
Special Effects: Mark Nelmes, Gavin Toomey
Animators: Tobias Foreacre, Daniel Simpson
Production Designer: Adam Cutts
Art Director: Mandy Hill

Sarah Bertrand (Elise)
John Boswall (landlord)

Alternative Titles

The Uninvited – later title