Picture Mommy Dead (1966)

35mm film, Pathécolor
mono, English

An American horror film directed by Bert I. Gordon.

Plot Summary

A beautiful singer is abducted by a demon doctor and taken to his secluded villa, where he plans to transform her into a mechanical nightingale. An innocent piano tuner attempts to rescue her, only to become trapped himself in the web of the demon doctor's perverse universe.


Director: Bert I. Gordon
Embassy Pictures Corporation
Producers: Robert Aldrich, Bert I. Gordon
Production Manager: Dale Coleman
Script: Robert Sherman
Assistant Director: Dennis Donnelly
Director of Photography: Ellsworth Fredericks
Editor: John A. Bushelman
Lab: Pathé Laboratory, USA
Music: Robert Jackson Drasnin
Costume Designer: Leah Rhodes
Make-up: Hal Lierley, Daniel C. Striepeke
Special Effects: Charles Spurgeon
Set Decorators: Robert R. Benton, Ray Moyer
Locations: Greystone Park and Mansion, 905 Loma Vista Dr, Beverly Hills, California, USA

Don Ameche (Edward Shelley)
Martha Hyer (Francene Shelley)
Zsa Zsa Gabor (Jessica Shelley)
Susan Gordon (Susan Shelley)
Maxwell Reed (Anthony)
Wendell Corey (Clayborn)
Signe Hasso (Sister René)
Anna Lee (Elsie Kornwald)
Paulle Clark (1st woman)
Kelly Corcoran (boy)
Steffi Henderson (3rd woman)
Robert Sherman (father)
Marlene Tracy (2nd woman)



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