Percy’s Progress (1974)

35mm film, Eastmancolor
mono, English

A British comedy science fiction film directed by Ralph Thomas.

Plot Summary

Following a global catastrophe, the owner of the world's first penis transplant is the only man left who can still have sex. His services are, of course, in great demand and he alone can help to keep the human race going. It's an awesome responsibility – but is he up for to the task?


Director: Ralph Thomas
Betty E. Box-Ralph Thomas Productions
Producer: Betty E. Box
Script: Sid Colin
Additional Dialogue: Ian Le Frenais
Director of Photography: Tony Imi
Editor: Roy Watts
Music: Tony Macauley

Leigh Lawson (Percy)
Elke Sommer (Clarissa)
Denholm Elliott (Emmanuel)
Judy Geeson (Doctor Fairweather)
Harry H. Corbett (Prime Minister)
Vincent Price (Stavos Mammonian)
Adrienne Posta (PC 217)
Julie Ege (Miss Hanson)
Barry Humphries (Dr Anderson)
James Booth (Jeffcot)
Milo O'Shea (Doctor Klein)
Ronald Fraser (Blocker)
Anthony Andrews (Catchpole)
Bernard Lee (Barraclough)
Madeline Smith (Miss UK)
Alan Lake (Darry Hogan)
George Coulouris (Professor Godowski)
Jenny Hanley (Miss Teenage Lust)
Diane Langton
Carol Hawkins
Marika Rivera
Penny Irving
Judy Matheson [uncredited]

Alternative Titles

It's Not the Size That Counts
Ma il tuo funziona… o no? – Italian title
Der Potenzprotz – German title

Sequel to
Percy (1971)


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