Peer Gynt (1954)

UK, 31 October-4 November
1 series, 2 episodes, average 105m each
broadcast live, black and white, 4:3
mono, English

Plot Summary

A British television fantasy mini-series.


Regular Crew
Producer: Royston Morley
Assistant Producer: Charles R. Rodgers
By: Henrik Ibsen
Translated by: R. Ellis Roberts
Orchestra Under the Direction of: Eric Robinson
Designer: Barry Learoyd
Dances Arranged by: Michel De Lutry

Regular Cast
Peter Ustinov (Peer Gynt)
Mary O'Farrell (Ase, Peer's mother)
Phyllis Morris (an old woman)
Winifred Hill (another old woman)
John Sharplin (Aslak, the smith)
Frank Shelley (a man)
Susan Richards (a woman)
George Woodbridge (the kitchen-master)
Roger Gage (a lad)
Stuart Latham (the bridegroom)
Reginald Hearne (his father)
Christine Lindsay (his mother)
Norman Claridge (Solveig's father)
Nan Marriott-Watson (Solveig's mother)
Josephine Crombie (Solveig)
Diane Cook (Helga)
Fanny Carby (Ingrid)
Patricia Blyton, Janette Richer, Dudy Foulds (three farm girls)
Rosalie Crutchley (a green-clad woman)
Erik Chitty (the old man of the Dovre, the Troll King)
Michel de Lutry (oldest troll courtier)
Irene French (an ugly brat)
Phyllis Morris (Kari)
Mark Bering, Joy Carter, Leslie Cooper, Frances Crossley, Robert Harrold, Michael Holmes, Wendy Hyde, Jeanne Lusby, Mary Mojeska, Marjorie Woodhams, Peter Ustinov (dancers, guests, and voices)
Bruno Barnabe (Herr Trumpeterstrale)
Norman Claridge (Monsieur Ballon)
Frederick Schiller (Herr Von Eberkopf)
Charles Farrell (Mr Cotton)
Roger Gage (an officer)
Josephine Crombie (Anitra)
Carl Jaffe (Begriffenfeldt)
Frederick Schiller (Schafmann)
Stuart Latham (Huhu)
Roger Gage (Fellah)
Ralph Nossek (the Minister Hussein)
Christopher Hodge (the captain)
Ralph Nossek (the watch)
Kevin Stoney (the mate)
Frank Shelley (a strange passenger)
John Sharplin (the man in mourning)
Christine Lindsay (a woman)
Reginald Hearne (the bailiff)
Clifford Evans (the button-moulder)
Erik Chitty (an old crooked man)
Norman Claridge (a preacher)
Joy Carter, Frances Crossley, Wendy Hyde, Jeanne Lusby, Mary Mojeska, Marjorie Woodhams (dancing girls)
Mark Bering, Leslie Cooper, Robert Harrold, Michael Holmes (lads, slaves and lunatics)


Part 1 (31 October 1954)
Part 2 (4 November 1954)