Patrick (1978)

Australia, 1977
115m, 3154 metres
35mm film, Agfacolor
mono, English

An Australian horror film directed by Richard Franklin.

Plot Summary

After murdering his mother and her lover by electrocuting them in the bath, Patrick lapses into a coma and is cared for at a small private hospital. Recently arrived nurse Kathy Jacquard begins to suspect that something isn't quite right about Patrick, who is using his psychic powers to manipulate and murder those around him.


Director: Richard Franklin
Australian Film Commission, Australian International Film Corp. (AIFC), Patrick Productions, Victorian Film Corporation
Executive Producer: William Fayman
Producers: Richard Franklin, Antony I. Ginnane
Script: Everett De Roche
Director of Photography: Donald McAlpine
Editor: Edward McQueen-Mason
Music: Brian May; Goblin (Italian version)
Sound Recordist: Paul Clark
Costume Designer: Kevin Regan
Special Effects Supervisor: Conrad Rothman
Production Designer: Leslie Binns

Susan Penhaligon (Kathy Jacquard)
Robert Helpmann (Dr Roget)
Rod Mullinar (Ed Jacquard)
Bruce Barry (Dr Brian Wright)
Julia Blake (Cassidy)
Helen Hemingway (Williams)
María Mercedes (Panicale)
Robert Thompson (Patrick)
Walter Pym (Captain Fraser)
Frank Wilson (Grant)
Carole-Ann Aylett (Patrick's mother)
Paul Young (lover)
Marilyn Rodgers (day desk nurse)
Peggy Nichols (night desk nurse)
John Murphy (barman)
Ray Chubb (SEC worker)
Peter Culpan (detective)
Gillian Seemer (nurse)

Alternative Titles

Patrick's Höllentrip – West Germany

Patrick (2013)

See also
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