Parsifal (1903)

USA, 1904
35mm, black and white, 1.33:1
mono, Kinetophone

An American fantasy film directed by Edwin S. Porter. It used the Edison Kinetophone sound process. The Library of Congress restored the film in 2001, taking the soundtrack from surviving copies of the original Kinetophone cylinders. The original film was re-released in 1909 when a 1909 copyright date was added to the prints.

Plot Summary

A record of eight scenes from Wagner’s opera Parsifal.

Plot Summary

Director: Edwin S. Porter
Edison Manufacturing Company
Producer: Thomas A. Edison
Photography: Edwin S. Porter
Scenery: Harley Merry

Adelaide Fitz-Allen (Kundry)
Robert Whittier (Parsifal)

Alternative Titles

Parzival – alternative title


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