Pánico en el Transiberiano (1972)

Spain, UK,
35mm film, Technicolor, 1.66:1
mono, English

A Spanish/British horror film directed by Eugenio Martín using the pseudonym Gene Martin.

Plot Summary

Aboard a speeding Transiberian Express, Sir Alexander Saxton is returning from an archaeological dig with the fossilised remains of a creature that he believes to be the missing link. Along for the ride is rival anthropologist Dr Wells, a deranged monk and a platoon of . But the creature is actually still alive and, after it thaws out it begins absorbing the memories of everyone on board the train, reducing its victims to white-eyed zombies who, in turn rampage about the train.


* = uncredited

Directed by: Gene Martin [real name: Eugenio Martín]
© [not given on screen]
Granada Films *, Benmar Productions Ltd
Produced by: Bernard Gordon
Screenplay by: Arnaud D'Usseau, Julian Halevy [real name: Julian Zimet]
From an original story by: Gene Martin [real name: Eugenio Martín]
Director of Photography: Alejandro Ulloa *
Edited by: Robert Dearberg
Music Composed and Conducted by: John Cacavas
Mixing Recordist: Enrique Molinero
Wardrobe Supervisor: Charles Simminger
Make-up Supervisor: Julián Ruiz
Hairdresser: Maria Nieves Ruiz
Special Effects: Pablo Perez
Art Director: Ramiro Gomez

Christopher Lee [Sir Alexander Saxton]
Peter Cushing [Doctor Wells]
Alberto de Mendoza [Pujardov]
Silvia Tortosa [Irina Petrovski]
Julio Pena [Inspector Mirov]
Angel del Pozo as Yevtuchenko
Helga Line [Natasha]
Alice Reinheart [Miss Jones]
Jose Jaspe [Konev]
Jorge Rigaud [Count Petrovski]
Victor Israel [Maletero]
Faith Clift
Juan Olaguibel [creature]
Barta Barri [first telegraph operator]
Peter Beckman
Hiroshi Kitatawa [Krasinsky]
Vicente Roca [station chief]
Jose Canalejas [Russian guard]
Jose Marco [Vorkin]
Allen Russell
Telly Savalas as Captain Kazan

Alternative Titles

Dödsexpressen – Sweden
Horror Express – UK, USA
Kauhun pikajuna – Finland
Terreur dans le Shanghai express – France



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