Panga (1990)

South Africa, 1990
35mm film, colour
Dolby Stereo, English

A South African horror film directed by Sean Barton.

Plot Summary

When she interrupts a sacificial ceremony by saving the life of a goat, a young woman finds herself being pursued by a monster unleashed by an angry witch doctor.


Directed by: Sean Barton
Panga Management Company (Proprietory) Limited copyright MCMXC [1990]
Produced by Blue Rock Films Ltd. in association with Screen Media Limited and Three’s Company (Pty) Ltd. A Christopher Coy production
Executive Producers: Elizabeth Shorten Coy, Patricia Shorten Malkoff
Produced by: Christopher Coy
Associate Producer: Barrie Saint Clair
Screenplay by: John Hunt, Sean Barton
Original Story by: Richard Haddon Haines
Director of Photography: Phillip Grosvenor
Editor: Micki Stroucken
Music by: Julian Laxton, Patric van Blerk
Sound Engineers: Henry Prentice, Richard Sprawson
Wardrobe Designer: Elaine Downing
Make-up Artist: Bobby Van Der Westhuizen
Hairdresser: Mark Evans
Creature Created by: Chris Walas Inc.
With Special Assistance by: Peter Greenwood
SPFX Supervisor: Beverly McLeish
Production Designer: Jon Jon Lambon
Casting Director: Moonyeenn Lee

Christopher Lee (Dr Pearson)
Jenilee Harrison (Elizabeth Armstrong)
Henry Cele as Mletch
André Jacobs (Geoff Armstrong)
Zoe Randall (Anthea Steed)
Olivia Dyer (Olivia Steed)
Jennifer Steyn (Cindy)
Gavin Hood (Robert)
Dumi Shongwe (witchdoctor)
Lorraine Nyathikazi (mourning woman)
Gowrie Naidoo (Dr Pearson’s maid)
Gugu Nhlanga (Anthea’s maid)
Pepsy Mabozela (Elizabeth’s cook)
Zanelle Negide (Elizabeth’s maid)
John Madlala (old man with donkey)
Max Mkwanazi (tractor driver)
Charles Ngcoya (herds boy)
Muwalana Phewa (murdered boy)

Alternative Titles

Blood Sacrifice – Germany, Hungary
Curse III: Blood Sacrifice
Witchcraft – UK (video)

See also
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Curse II: The Bite (1988)

Cast Gallery


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