Pandemonium (1988)

Australia, USA,
35mm film, colour
mono, English

An Australian/American horror film directed by Haydn Keenan.

Plot Summary

A dangerous psychopath escapes from a lunatic asylum and goes on the rampage.


Director: Haydn Keenan
Smart St. Films
Executive Producer: Patric Juillet
Producers: Alex Cutler, Haydn Keenan
Script: Peter Gailey, Haydn Keenan
2nd Assistant Director: Trish Carney
3rd Assistant Director: Charlie Revai
Director of Photography: David Sanderson
Editor: Paul Healy
Music: Cameron Allan
Sound Recordist: Phil Keros
Costume Designer: Melody Cooper
Production Designer: Melody Cooper
Locations: Bondi, New South Wales, Australia

David Argue (Kales Leadingham/Ding the dingo)
Amanda Dole (the dingo girl)
Esben Storm (E.B. De Woolf)
Arna-Maria Winchester (P.B. De Woolf)
Lex Marinos (Detective Sergeant Dick Dickerson)
Rainee Skinner (1st twin)
Kerry Mack (2nd twin)
Ian Nimmo (Mr Mack)
Ashley Grenville (Little Adolph/paper boy)
Mercia Deane-Johns (Morticia)
Henk Johannes (the count)
Pete Smith (Peter Kong)
Gary Foley (The Holy Ghost)
Haydn Keenan (Dr Doctor)
Ignatius Jones (director/marriage celebrant/auctioneer)
Greg Ham (Marvo the magician)
Kate Reid (mother witness)
Margaret Dupre (dream girl)



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