Overlords of the UFO (1976)

35mm film, colour, black and white
mono, English

An American documentary with science fiction content directed, uncredited, by G. Brook Stanford.


A documentary suggesting that are visitors from another dimension.


* = uncredited

Directed by: G. Brook Stanford *
© 1976 Tower Investments International Ltd.
Tower Films presents a Scientific News documentary
Producer: W. Gordon Allen
Production: G. Brook Stanford, John T. Kline
Coordination: John T. Kline
Writer: W. Gordon Allen
Cinematography: James J. Agostino
Film Editing: James J. Agostino
Theme: “Cosmic Pulse” composed by Richard Allen
Spacescapes by: Don Dixon
Special Effects: “Space Voyage from Ummo” by Jordan Belson
Scientific Advisor: W. Gordon Allen
Visual Materials Furnished by: Uri Geller; NASA, Houston, Texas; U.S. Air Force Academy; U.S. Naval Observatory; General Sciences Admin.; Federal Aviation Agency; Press Register, Pascagoula; Univ. of Wyoming (Dr Sprinkle); Ecola Inst. (Dr Lawrence); Trevor James Constable; UFO Quebec; Canadian UFO Report; Flying Saucer Review; Stanton Friedman; Alexandra Diaius; J. Davidson; Scott Sylie and Jim Holm

W. Gordon Allen
Stanton Friedman [in archive footage]
Uri Geller [in archive footage]