Overexposed (1990)

35mm film, colour
Dolby Stereo, English

An American borderline horror film directed by Larry Brand.

Plot Summary

Cast members on a popular soap opera start to disappear or are being murdered and the main star could be the killer's next victim.


Director: Larry Brand
New Horizons
Producer: Roger Corman
Script: Larry Brand, Rebecca Reynolds
Director of Photography: David Sperling
Editor: Patrick Rand
Music: Mark Governor
Source Music Recordist: Krandal Crews

Catherine Oxenberg (Kristin)
Karen Black (Mrs Trowbridge)
Larry Brand (Morrison)
William Bumiller (Hank)
Barney Burman (uniformed officer)
Gil Christner (liquor store owner)
George Derby (Lieutenant Bryce)
Jennifer Edwards (Helen)
Joe Faust (Jordan)
Brewster Gould (Jensen)
Mark Governor (lounge singer)
Ken Kerman (Earl)
Patrick McCord (Johnny)
David Naughton (Phillip)
Tom Poster (Angie)
Rebecca Reynolds (Pam)
David Rogers
Renata Scott (Sil)
Melissa Young (Marla)
Charles Zucker (Jerome)

Alternative Titles

Die Fratze des Todes – West German title



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