Outer Touch (1979)

78m, 84m, 7,025 ft
35mm film, Technicolor
mono, English

A British science fiction comedy film directed by Norman J. Warren.

Plot Summary

A group of female from Betelgeuse arrive on Earth looking for male prisoners.


Director: Norman J. Warren
Three-Six-Two Pictures
Executive Producer: Peter Schlesinger
Producer: David Speechley
Associate Producer: Alan Girney
Production Supervisor: Arnold Fletcher
Script: Andrew Payne
Idea: David Speechley
Assistant Directors: Gary White, Nigel Goldsack
Directors of Photography: John Metcalfe, Peter Sinclair
Assistant Camera Operator: John Simmons
Clapper/Loaders: Mike Metcalfe, Gregory Dupre
Focus: John Simmons
Grip: Malcolm Smith
Stills: Ken Bray
Editor: Jim Elderton
Lab: Technicolor
Music Supervisors: The Robert Kingston Organisation
Sound Recordist: Simon Okin
Boom Operator: Bob Doyle
Sound Editor: Rusty Coppleman
Sound Assistant: Rosemary Straker
Wardrobe Mistress: Kathy Halloran
Costume Consultant: Myra Heller
Make Up: Robin Grantham
Hair: Helen Lennox
Titles: West Ave Graphics
Art Director: Hayden Pearce
Production Buyer: Dennis Griffin
Props: John Hogan
Construction Manager: Charlie Simmons
Production Accountant: Patrick Isherwood
Production Assistant: Lorraine Goodman
Publicity: Soren Fischer

Barry Stokes (Oliver)
Tony Maiden (Willy)
Glory Annen (Cosia)
Michael Rowlatt (Cliff)
Ava Cadell (Partha)
Kate Ferguson (Skipper)
Lynne Ross (Prudence)
Bob Saget (voice of the Wurlitzer)

Alternative Titles

Outer Reach
Spaced Out
– US title


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