Outbreak (1995)

35mm film, Technicolor, 1.85:1
Dolby Stereo Digital Spectrum Recording

An American science fiction film directed by Wolfgang Petersen.

Plot Summary

A team of experts from the CD are despatched to Zaire to investigate a deadly outbreak of a newly discovered virus. A monkey smuggled into the USA is infected and the disease soon spreads throughout a small town in California and threatens to plunge the entire country into chaos.


Directed by: Wolfgang Petersen
© 1995 Warner Bros.
Warner Bros. presents an Arnold Kopelson production in association with Punch Productions, Inc. A Wolfgang Petersen film. Distributed by Warner Bros.
Executive Producers: Anne Kopelson, Duncan Henderson
Produced by: Arnold Kopelson, Wolfgang Petersen, Gail Katz
Co-producers: Stephen Brown, Nana Greenwald, Sanford Panitch
Written by: Laurence Dworet, Robert Roy Pool
Director of Photography: Michael Ballhaus
Edited by: Neil Travis, Lynzee Klingman, William Hoy
Film Editor: Stephen Rivkin
Music by: James Newton Howard
Production Sound Mixer: Richard Lightstone
Costumes Designed by: Erica Edell Phillips
Key Make-up: Susan A. Cabral
Key Hairstylist: Virginia Hadfield
Animatronic Monkey Created by: Rick Lazzarini
Special Effects Supervisor: John Frazier
Visual Effects Supervisor: Mark Vargo
Visual Effects Produced by: Boss Film Studios
Computer Graphic Virus Imagery and Graphic Displays by: VIFX/Video Image
Digital Film Services Provided by: Cinesite, Inc.; Pacific Title Digital
Matte Painting by: Illusion Arts
Production Designer: William Sandell
Casting by: Jane Jenkins, Janet Hirshenson

Dustin Hoffman (Sam Daniels)
Rene Russo (Robby Keough)
Morgan Freeman (General Billy Ford)
Cuba Gooding Jr (Major Salt)
Patrick Dempsey (Jimbo Scott)
Donald Sutherland (General Donald McClintock)
Kevin Spacey (Casey Schuler)
Malick Bowens (Dr Raswani)
Zakes Mokae (Dr Benjamin Iwabi)
Susan Lee Hoffman (Dr Lisa Aronson)
Benito Martinez (Dr Julio Ruiz)
Bruce Jarchow (Dr Mascelli)
Leland Hayward Iii (Henry Seward)
Daniel Chodos (Rudy Alvarez)
Dale Dye (Colonel Briggs)
Cara Keough (Kane Jeffries)
Gina Menza (Mrs Jeffries)
Per Didrik Fasmer (Mr Jeffries)
Michelle Joyner (Sherry Mauldin)
Donald Forrest (Mack Mauldin)

Alternative Titles

Alerta – Romania
Alerte! – France
Bùng Nổ – Vietnam
Epidemia – Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Peru, Poland
Epidemie – Romania
Epidemija – Lithuania
Esclat(Catalan) – Spain
Estallido – Spain
I farozonen(Alternative Title) – Sweden
Hitpar'tzoot – Israel
Izbruh – Slovenia
Izvan kontrole – Croatia
L'épidémie – Canada (French)
Outbreak – Fora de Controlo – Portugal
Outbreak – I faresonen – Norway
Outbreak – I farozonen – Sweden
Outbreak – Lautlose Killer – Austria, Germany
Smrtiaca epidémia – Slovakia
Smrtící epidemie – Czech Republic
Smrtonosni virus – Serbia
Tehdit – Turkey
To xespasma – Greece
Tuntematon uhka – Finland
Viirus – Estonia
Virus letale – Italy
Vírus – Hungary
Το ξέσπασμα – Greece
Епідемія – Ukraine
Зараза – Bulgaria
Эпидемия – Russia
アウトブレイク – Japan
आउटब्रेक – India (Hindi)
危機總動員 – Taiwan

Includes extracts from
Polka Dot Puss (1949)

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