Out of the Unknown: The Fosters (1969)

UK, 11 March
videotape, colour, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Out of the Unknown (1965-1971) – series 3, episode 10

A British science fiction television episode directed by Philip Dudley.

Plot Summary

Bio-chemist Harry Gerwyn is told by a stranger, Peter Foster, that his wife is about to become ill. His investigations lead Gerwyn to suspect that he's dealing with a very dangerous family that possess extraordinary scientific knowledge.


Directed by: Philip Dudley
Written by: Michael Ashe
Music by: Wilfred Josephs
Designed by: Marilyn Taylor

Richard Pearson (Mr Foster)
Bernard Hepton (Harry Gerwyn)
Freda Bamford (Miss Foster)
Ann Penfold (Sally Gerwyn)
Yvonne Manners (Mary Gerwyn)
Kevin Stoney (Calton)
John Dawson (Digby)
Alan Ross (Bob)
Anton Darby (Geoff)
Pauline Cunningham (Anne)
Rose Hill (Geoff's mother)
John Berwyn (Japhet)
Richard Pescud (Cazalet)