Out of the Unknown: Liar! (1969)

UK, 14 January
videotape, black and white, 4:3
mono, English
Series: Out of the Unknown (1965-1971) – series 3, episode 2

A British science fiction television episode directed by Gerald Blake.

Plot Summary

In order to quell public disquiet about the unprecedented growth in the number of , the authorities plan to demonstrate to the press the prototype of the latest generation of robots, the humanoid RB34, known as Herbie. But RB34 has a talent that no-one banked on – he can read minds. And who can trust a robot that is privvy to everyone's darkest secrets and desires?


Director: Gerald Blake
© [not given on screen]
Producer: Alan Bromly
Script: David Campton
Story: Isaac Asimov
Script Editor: Roger Parkes
Designer: Martin Johnson

Ian Ogilvy (Herbie (RB34))
Hamilton Dyce (Dr Lanning)
Wendy Gifford (Dr Susan Calvin)
Gerald Sim (Dr Bogert)
Paul Chapman (Milton Ashe)
Roy Hanlon (Hargreaves)
Robert James (Kelvin Brooke)
Jumoke Dubayo (cleaner)
Anna Perry (Brooke's secretary)
Edwin Richfield (Jamieson)
Jenny Russell (Mary Curl)
Rita Davies (receptionist)


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