Out of the Body (1989)


An Australian horror film directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith.

Plot Summary

Something is murdering women in Sydney and removing their eyes, something that doesn't appear to be human. But a musician has a psychic link to the killer and as he is now the chief suspect, he tries to find out who is really responsible. And its could come as a very nasty shock for him…


Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith
David Hannay Productions, Medusa Communications, Premiere Film Marketing Ltd
Executive Producer: Tom Broadbridge
Producers: Charles Hannah, David Hannay
Line Producer: Lynn Barker
Production Manager: Barbi Taylor
Script: Kenneth Ross
1st Assistant Director: Jake Atkinson
Director of Photography: Kevan Lind
Editor: Alan Woodruff
Music: Peter Westheimer
Production Designer: Darrell Lass
Locations: Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Mark Hembrow (David Gaze)
Tessa Humphries (Neva St Clair)
Carrie Zivetz (Dr Lydia Langton)
Linda Newton (Carla Dupre)
John Clayton (Detective Sergeant Whitaker)
John Ley (Sergeant Delano)
Helen O'Connor (Barbara)
Mary Regan (Mary Mason)
Margi Gerard (Maggie)

Alternative Titles

Dream Scream – Hungarian/West German title



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