Otherzone (1998)

Dolby Stereo, English

An Australian science fiction film directed by David Cox.

Plot Summary

In near future Melbourne, The Machines All Nations Corporation (MAN)'s satellite network has the monopoly on global communications. MAN security agents have murdered Kareen Hedding after she passed on information on how to disable the network to the Information Liberation Frontier who are based on the moon. The information has been hidden in the Ameth scarf and her “daughter” Zheng, actually an artificial intelligence, has to find it and put an end to MAN's control of the Earth.


Director: David Cox
Serpentine Films
Producer: Sarah Zadeh
Script: David Cox
Script Editor: Adrian Martin
Director of Photography: Paul Romney Cox
Editors: Steve Doyle, Jane Usher
Music: Ollie Olsen
Sound Designer: Philip Brophy
Animators: Andrea Bresciani, Marco Bresciani, David Cox, Graeme Jackson

Max Fairchild (Cutts)
Marie Hoy (Zheng)
Jaqueline Mitelman (Kareen Hedding)
Bruce Naylor (Chickensticks)
Stelarc (Nam Melogue)